Transcript of lecture with Jamieson Webster on Anxiety online

Recording of performance lecture of The Ancien Regime, ‘Towards a Critique of Pure Treason’

Upcoming Event:

Tuesday, November 27th through December 2nd, at Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin; Sculpture: ‘The Person Who Destroys Everything is Not An Accident,’ with: Eshan Rafi as part of Transformations Trans Film Festival
[Feel free to get in touch for more informations and potential bookings]

Past Events:

Wednesday, October 17th, 6pm, BANFF, ‘The Person Who Destroys Everything is Not An Accident,’ with: Eshan Rafi

Saturday, October 6th, 8pm, Calgary, Mountain Standard Time Festival, as part of: Eshan Rafi’s ‘How to Make an Image,’ in collaboration with Beau Molnar

Wednesday, October 3rd, 7pm, Jerusalem, Al-Hoash Gallery – Palestinian Art Councel, ‘Towards a Critique of Pure Treason,’ (a fuller documention of the performance is available upon request) with Blake Shaw

Thursday, July 5th, 8pm, Berlin, Spektrum: ‘What do we even want from one another? On Anxiety, Permeation and Identity in the age of a slowly imploding liberalism – with Luce deLire and Jamieson Webster’

Transcript Here

Thursday, june 28th – saturday, june 30th, 7pm, Berlin: lecture performance as part of ‘Talking Straight Life: Durational Performance with and by Talking Straight’



Thursday, may 24th, 9am, Montreal: ‘Two Dogmas of Deconstruction;’ part of: Derrida Today.

Friday, may 18th, 7pm, New York City: ‘Post-#Metoo – my, your, our Pink Totalitarianism;’ lecture performance – invite only – use contact form for details.


‘What do We Even Want From One Another?’

Read the transcript on ‘Public Seminar’: ‘What do we even want from one another? On Anxiety, Permeation and Identity in the age of a slowly imploding liberalism – with Luce deLire and Jamieson Webster’

Event Page is here.

‘Post-#Metoo – my, your, our Pink Totalitarianism.’

view recording here


Response to Paul Preciado, comment on #metoo:

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Lene Vollhardt, The Grace Chapter, Film still 2017

Angel of Menstruation

 Cecilia Vicuña, Angel de la Menstruación (Angel of menstruation, 1973), Oil on canvas, 57.8 × 48.3 cm, Collection of Catherine Petitgas, London

A Vicuña painting named “Angel of Menstruation” shows an angel looking as though she was about to wrap herself in some red thread, while in a state of bliss. Her eyes are rolled up, her mouth is open, her wings are spread. This is how one pictures the angel of history. Her face is turned toward us, where we perceive a chain of events as ‘living present.’ She, however, senses the exceeding future (a-venir, eternal return), both inside herself and above the frame. The double catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage and hurls around her feet is the nature of problematicity itself:

With only her left toes in this world, “[s]he […] is floating or flying ‘on the air above the olive green killed by the titanium white,’ ‘with a snake of sand’ that stretches like an extra limb across the canvas” – the trajectory of ordinary time, from left to right, past present to future present.

But there is another time as well: “She plays with a string that circles her body:” (Adès) A quipu – “pre Columbian type of writing, […].“ (Roelstraete 2017) A haptic practice in knots that circle around her body – turns it inside out in fact as it follows this course of virtually inaccessible time. From some position (namely pre-colonial priests of the Inka, compare Domenici 1996) it might be readable. But the angel doesn’t even bother – connected as she is by cyclical recurrence of blood with this other time, which permeates into the world without formal resemblance, without contact – the leafs, “[t]wo tightly woven blood-red plaits [that] frame her face and her eyes [which] are red ‘because I use my blood for looking.” (Adès quoting Vicuña)

What the angel would like to say, nobody knows. The unity of history (the snake, the branch), however, has become fragile – without disappearing, without smashing violence. No storm is blowing in from Paradise; but the infinite deflection between the two kinds of time (the linear branch and the cyclical string, actual history and virtual excess) keeps her wings flapping with such excitement that we cannot get near her – to read the cord, support her balance or interrupt her enjoyment (juissance). The storm irresistibly propels us into oblivion, to which our back is turned, where piles of debris grow skyward. This storm is what we call reality.


Technopolitics of Cryptocurrencies:

Interview on virtuality, seduction and neighbors:

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Lene Vollhardt/Luce deLire, cement X, film still 2018

Breaking up and Down:

Find description here.

Luce deLire, get out and talk about the drive, collage 2017

Open Letter to Ivanka Trump:

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Dear @ivankatrump, Since Milo recently resigned from his position as gay cover boy of the far right, I want to suggest myself as the new second token of the nation. You remember: a token is the exception that affirms the political rule – "women suffer from the double burden of domestic labor and career – but hey! German minister of defense Ursula von der Leyen married a noble, has seven children and a political career! So who are you!?" Or you, Ivanka – YES WE CAN! In terms of queerness we say 'pink washing:' that'd be me. We'd be a great team. You the cisgendered jewish convert daughter of the incestuous monster, me the transgendered atheist daughter of a poor horse trainer (i'll drop the bourgeois heritage, you'll drop.. Well… ). We're both white, so that's good. We could buy art and smile on holiday photographs. And since new factors don’t mean different outcomes, Daddy could keep pulling his shit. I might not be the miss universe Jenna Talackova would have been. And because transgender questions are no longer worth federal supervision, I will have to stay in NYC where the liberal atmosphere prevents me from the consequences of my own rhetoric – and sanely ignore trans*bathroom nonsense. I'll be less sassy though – just the "uniform vision of girlishly long bottle-blond hair [with high cheekbones and an] absolute lack of variety in fashion" to not scare the horses on fox news. I'll be pretty enough for people to completely ignore all political content in favor of extensive commentary on the luscious ways I look at other country's presidents. Our resemblance paired with my vicious servility shall serve a single purpose: bug zapping non-complicity. "Saving" the Paris climate agreement while enabling the extension of coal mining was a nice first step – Thanks Ivanka! We are stronger together. Love, Marcelline the Vampire Queen #womenwhowork #itwisewords

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Cards against Commodities: Lecture Performance:

Read and listen here (42.30 and onwards)


Luce deLire, small fish flit nervous, collage 2017

What is Queer today is not Queer tomorrow: Curated Exhibition:

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Raju Rage, Monster Terrorist Fag, Print 2014

Cement X: Video Art with Lene Vollhardt:

Watch video here (but ask me for the password first)

Lene Vollhardt/Luce deLire, Cement X, Video Still 2018

Roundtable on Critique with Dennis Schep, Jan-Philipp Kruse, Hansun Hsiung and Jule Govrin:

Find discussion here.

Credit: Jean-Paul Sartre, Gilles Deleuze, and Michel Foucault; picture by Elie Kagan